The Roques Venezuela

The Los Roques Archipelago

It is a Federal dependency that groups a set of islands and keys in the Lesser Antilles is belonging to Venezuela that have an estimated area of 40.61 km² and are located between the archipelago Las Aves (west) and the island of La Orchila (east) 176 km north of the city of Caracas and which represents one of the main tourist attractions of the country, is part of the Insular Territory Francisco de Miranda, is a national park and according to estimates in 2014 had 3,100 inhabitants fixed (being the most populated federal agency). It has an approximate surface area of 221,120 hectares between maritime and terrestrial spaces, and is considered the largest marine park in Latin America (see Los Roques Archipelago National Park). In addition, the archipelago has the largest coral reef in the Caribbean Sea.

Complete All Inclusive package

7 nights – 6 days of full fishing
Flight of caracas to the Island.
Accommodation in Posada
Lunch – Dinner Includes non-alcoholic beverages
Fishing Guide
Fishing Permit
Park entrance

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