The beginnings

I am a fisherman since I was very young thanks to my father, who is also a fisherman. When I was 2 years old, I accompanied my father to the dock of the pejerrey Club de Quilmes.

Then at age 5 I became a member of the same, where I started the first fishing, from age 7 to 12 I competed for the same club and I also started fishing for pejerreyes in many of the lagoons of Argentina, so every summer I fished in the Atlantic coast both on board and on the coast.

At age 18 I was part of a radio fishing program called «fishing by drift».

I also carried out the fishing surveys for the magazine «pesca y aventura», there I had the chance to go fishing in the provinces of Corrientes and Entre Ríos with the dorado fishing.

At 20 years after going through various fishing methods such as bait, spinning and trolling, I started with fly fishing. In this mode I made my first catches of tarariras and dorados. There I discovered Patagonia, and I fell in love with Flyfishing. I met many fishermen and fishing guides. Little by little I learned and listened to all the advice they gave me.

The following year I started working in the operational part of one of the best American fishing companies, called «Frontiers», where I learned a lot from the good guides of the same, as well as from other companies, both fishing and paddling.

After working for 4 years, I received a professional fly fishing guide trained by National Parks and the province of Neuquén. Taking 9 years of experience as a guide in San Martín de los Andes.

Today we have developed and we have 4 fishing guides, 4 trucks and 4 boats.

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